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Erica Valenzuela


As I begin my 9th year of personal training, I am so excited to bring emotion to Colorado.  My training career attracted clients from all walks of life who unbeknownst to them taught me more about what it means to persevere than I ever could by just pushing them through their workouts. I learned that though our personal journeys may be different, a lot of the thoughts and pain we have been taught to keep to ourselves needed to be let out.


Being a mother of my 12  year old daughter has taught me that my idea behind e•motion is even more crucial, because we have a responsibility to our children to handle our every day life in a healthy way, and for me e•motion is a way to do that. After working at Bally’s and 24 Hour Fitness and then starting my own personal training business, Inspireb4Expire, I felt that everything was leading me to start something bigger than me.  With the intention of creating a community and to be that flicker of light for individuals to dive a little deeper into their life journey.

NCSF Certified-CPR/AED Certified-KO8 Certified

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