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Erica Valenzuela


As I begin my 9th year of personal training, I am so excited to bring emotion to Colorado.  My training career attracted clients from all walks of life who unbeknownst to them taught me more about what it means to persevere than I ever could by just pushing them through their workouts. I learned that though our personal journeys may be different, a lot of the thoughts and pain we have been taught to keep to ourselves needed to be let out.


Being a mother of my 12 year old daughter has taught me that my idea behind e•motion is even more crucial, because we have a responsibility to our children to handle our every day life in a healthy way, and for me e•motion is a way to do that. After working at Bally’s and 24 Hour Fitness and then starting my own personal training business, Inspireb4Expire, I felt that everything was leading me to start something bigger than me.  With the intention of creating a community and to be that flicker of light for individuals to dive a little deeper into their life journey.

NCSF Certified-CPR/AED Certified-KO8 Certified


Arlie Rogers


I have been an ACE Certified personal fitness trainer, health coach, and group fitness instructor since 2010 and I love what I do!  After a few stumbles in my own life, I adapted a lifestyle of eating right and exercising consistently – changing bad habits into good.  This allowed me to be more of a light and a good influence to those around me.  Ultimately, this discipline opened the doors for me to achieve one of my biggest goals in life – to become a professional boxer.  My goal is for my story to give hope to those around me that all things are possible through hard work, discipline, and persistence. 

Throughout my years in the fitness industry, I have met some amazing people.  I feel there is no better reward than a sincere thank you from a client – a thank you for changing their life, a thank you for helping them become a better version of themselves, a thank you for building confidence.  The fitness industry will always be my passion simply for allowing me the opportunity to teach, train, coach and help transform people.

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