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Break Sh*t. Work it Out. Chill.


Feelings are meant to be felt and how you do it can look different.  I choose to break sh*t, work it out, and chill! So I created a place where we can all have a safe space to feel our feels!


At e•motion you and your party will engage in a 90-minute experience intended to feel your emotions or create them. We accommodate your every day stress relief AND...

  • Company team building

  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties

  • Baby reveals

  • Date nights

  • Friends night out

  • Birthday parties

  • Divorce parties

  • anything else you can think of

e•motion allows you to manage the stresses of every day life we endure, in a positive way.  With negative avenues being at our fingertips, we want our experience to be a substitute.

"Erica is simply amazing, one of a kind.  She is inspiring, energetic, and dedicated to her clients.  She genuinely cares and wants to help you find the determination and drive within yourself to never, ever give up. She makes working out challenging while having a blast at the same time.  I tapped into strengths within myself that I never knew were there." 




emotion is about calling ourselves out, and saying, “self, it’s time to take care of YOU today. Mentally and physically. And share that with the people you surround yourself with.

25 MIN

We throw recycled glass bottles full of paint against a designated wall.

45 MIN

We take the energy we gathered from breaking bottles and put it into a customized full-body workout.​

20 MIN

We internalize the energy and unwind in the "chill room" designed to help you relax and reflect.

"Being fully human is not about feeling happy, it's about feeling everything."
-Glennon Doyle, Untamed


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